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Aroma Air Diffuser

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Get rid of the bad smells, and hello to your favorite scent!

Do you suffer from unpleasant odors in the room? Nasty odors disrupt peace and relaxation. The aromatic humidifier helps to purify and humidify the air, dispelling bad odors and dry air. This device can also be used as a non-aromatherapy humidifier and provides moisture for dry coughs, sinus irritation, dry skin and prevents airborne bacteria. By adding just a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water reservoir, the aroma diffuser spreads the most delicious scents throughout the room!

Soothing flame effect
What makes the Boosti Aroma Diffuser so unique is the special and elegant flame effect of the aroma diffuser. Due to the special ultrasonic technology in combination with the LED lighting, it seems as if the fog from the diffuser is a warm flame from a fireplace! This gives a unique and soothing experience to the space, without using a real fireplace. The movement of the 'flame' stimulates rest and relaxation for the eyes! In combination with your favorite scent, healthy humidity and the soothing flame, the aroma diffuser is the all-in-one rest solution at home!

Soothing flame effect
4-in-1 functionalities
The Boostiv aroma diffuser has 4 functionalities, so you can of course use the device as an aroma diffuser. If you don't use oils or other aromas, the device also works as a humidifier. The device is also a very soothing mood light due to the special flame effect, and it serves as a night lamp with the light modes!

Suitable for all Aroma oils
The aroma diffuser is suitable for essential and perfume oils of all brands. If you want to use the diffuser for aromatherapy, we recommend using 100% pure essential oils. The scent of your favorite oil is spread through the room through the nebulizer.

Safe with Auto-Off Function
With the 180ml water tank capacity, this aroma diffuser can easily refresh rooms up to 25m2 for 6 hours. With its waterless auto-shut-off feature, this aroma diffuser automatically shuts off after 5 seconds when the water tank is empty. The diffuser is easily portable and ideal for home, yoga, bedroom, office, baby room, etc.


Customer Reviews

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Elwin Bode

Corresponds to the description. The condition itself is 4 out of 5. cheap plastic, but it works normally...

Providenci Ortiz

I love this so much!

Samuel Gonzales

Top very good diffusion in the house very nice

Fred Ross

good product , nice looking. and also fast shipping

Mark Bennett