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Electric Pet Nail Grinder

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You may already know this, but a traditional nail clipper may be painful for your dog or cat. That's why we would like to introduce you to our LATEST electric nail file.

This Electric and Cordless Nail File is the perfect device to make the sharp nails of your four-legged friends short and happy again. This nail file is quiet and pain free for your pet. The nail file is equipped with a diamond file head with a protective cap and is suitable for both small and large animals. The nail trimmer has a low vibration motor and it will not scare your pet. In addition, it is wireless, so it is very easy to use.
Suitable for small and large animals
The nail file is suitable for pets of all sizes.
You can use the protective cover for small and tropical pets. For larger animals, you can remove the protective cover and work with only the diamond head.

low noise
Since the filing of the nails is a precision job, it is equipped with a powerful motor with low vibration. The file also makes hardly any noise (max. 50DB) so as not to deter animals.

Working wirelessly
The electric nail file can be charged between the supplied USB cable.
With a full battery, the nail trimmer can be used wirelessly for up to 5 hours.
The file is also lightweight and very compact, which makes working fine. Taking care of your pet has never been easier.

Product Specification
Number of products: 1x products
EAN: 8719326539324
Colour White
Material: Plastic
Product weight: 100 grams
Product length: 13 cm
Product height: 2.8 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Alison Grant

It's just as in the description. It doesn’t make any sound. its so quiet I'm surprised

Lolita Moen

Very accurate. A real solution to our dog issues.

Jamie Mack

My dog loves it

Norris Johns

Fast delivery and functional product

Anabel Marks

Works great and nice quality