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Phone Infrared Transmitter

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1. Mobile Intelligent Remote Control: If your phone lacks infrared light and cannot remotely control TV or air conditioning, you have this mobile phone infrared transmitter to make your mobile phone secondary remote control. It is easy to manipulate the device.
2. Performance: Small small slim volume is only 3.1 * 1.15 * 0.6cm, which is convenient to carry. With infrared remote control, the effective distance is up to 10m, and a long-distance control is achieved. Waterproof and dustproof, and have anti-lost design (gift anti-loss). Three interfaces are optional, widely compatible with various phones, plug-and-play. Using alloy materials, it is rugged.
3. Compatible Equipment Suitable for Type-C / Micro USB interface, is widely compatible with mainstream hands and feet. Android supports all OTG phones.Widely compatible with major class mainstream brand appliances, TV, infrared lamps, set-top boxes, speaker amplifiers, cameras, projectors, water heaters, air conditioners, fans, network TV boxes.
4. Structure Design Aluminum alloy shell, TPU inner casing, for lightning interface, four generation chip, infrared light, PC lampshade. Using an upgrade chip without a Bluetooth connection.

Interface: Type-C / Micro USB
Infrared emission wavelength: 940nm
Launch angle: 30 °
Launch intensity: 70-80MW / SR
Actual distance: 8-12 meters (for lightning) 10-15 meters
Support system: Andriod (Android) system (with OTG function)
Product size: 3.1x1.15x0.6cm
Material: aluminum alloy

Customer Reviews

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William Coleman

Works very well

Rylan Crona

The order was received very quickly, even before it was declared. Everything works. Very convenient. And also a convenient cover. Recommend.

Kyra Senger

Works OK

Effie Friesen

Good piece

Laisha Welch

Funny thing